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Mail Chimp Integration


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Oh, yes, this would be fantastic. Mainly (for me) because IP.Content cannot send daily or weekly notifications, so i have to do it with Mail Chimp. Downside is that those users have to re-enter their email address when they sign up via Mail Chimp.

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Hi Chel,

I'm guessing that you are falling into the same trap that IPB sometimes fall into.

Just because it is very simple for you to do, you assume that it is also simple for everyone else to do. :smile:

That may be why you can't understand that someone like me will find that €10 very good value as it solves a problem for me.

Now, the real solution would be that IPB incorporate an email export tool (Like V Bulletin have had for years) to enable non techies to easily create an email list of their forum members without having to go to the back end or pay someone to go to the backend or pay $10!

At the moment, it is impossible for a non tech forum owner to send any kind of half professional looking mailshot to their forum members using just the tools provided by IPB.

Kind regards,


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Can't you guys get csvs from phpmyadmin?

Hi Shigure, :smile:

I'm sure I could if someone showed me how to. Going back to one of my earlier points....

Two years ago I was a complete non "techie" IPB customer. Over the last two years, thanks to the kindness and patience of my fellow IPB site owners here and also the very friendly IPB support staff, I first learnt how to import xml files to install simple hooks followed by some simple html tweaking (building simple links A=HREF etc...) and only in recent months, I finally learnt how to use FTP to the point where I can now install and activate my own apps such as IP Links, Classifieds and more complicated hooks.

I haven't a clue how to query an SQL data base or how to use php admin, but one day....!

So, simple little €10 hooks can be a life saver and very good value for the likes of me, as they do a job for me which might other wise mean that I have to hire in help.

I can assure you that in my professional and academic life outside of here, that I have probably have skills in my own professionsl field that many of the experienced techies here could only dream of but which I myself take for granted in my day to day work.

Luckily, I have met many friendly mentors on here who have patiently taught me new skills which greatly adds to the fun of running and building my forums.

What I then try to do when I learn new skills is to then use my "Beginner's perspective" to maybe explain them in an even simpler way to other beginners here on the forums. They say that the best way to learn yourself is to try and teach the subject that you are studying.

A typical example was that when first struggling to use FTP for the first time, I couldn't understand when trying to upload files, why the real files and folders with content inside were buried like Russian Baushka Dolls within layers of empty files. Eventually, I realised that the empty file cases were a bread crumb trail to guide me as to where the real files were to be placed. You live and learn! Placing this simple tip on the install "Read Me" instructions of all downloads here would probably help more people than you think to follow me on their first FTP adventure !

Hope this helps !

Kind regards,

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I was in the same boat as you powerboat (ohoho that was a clever one. I am so punny). I used to think FTP was exactly like the ACP just that it gave you access to more things. However, I enjoy wasting my time and watching my future crumble into pieces right before my eyes so I spent a lot of time clicking and tweaking things in IPB and reading endlessly on IPS. Lots of reading. So I guess you just need to explore and things will click(hahaha more puns) into place.

As for csvs I don't know how to do it myself but I bet ten minutes in phpmyadmin would yield the answer. Just dive into it. Blindly.

Just kidding that's terrible advice.

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There may be other options as well such as Constant Contact etc.

Another idea that occurred to me that should be very easy for IPB to implement, would be a hook that allows the Forum Admin to send a broadcast private message to the entire or part membership?

Kind regards,


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I know this is a bit late but this might help someone.

The code below should work.

Simply put the code inside the code block inside a new page in IP.Content, enter your database details and choose to process it as a PHP-script and don't use the IPB-wrapper! Make sure you only allow admins to access it too! smile.png

 * **** INFO ****
 * Created by: Fredrik Vittfarne

 * **** SETTINGS ****

$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", "ipb_user", "ipb_pass", "ipb_db");
//Change to your database. ("Database host", "Username", "Password", "Database name")
//Database settings can be found inside the conf_global.php file.

$last = strtotime('01-07-2012');

//Get members logged in after a specific date.


Only edit below here if you know what you are doing.


echo <<<EOT
<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
	<table border="1">


		if (isset($_GET['ff'])) {
			$last = strtotime($_GET['ff']);

		/* check connection */
		if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
		    printf("Connect failed: %sn", mysqli_connect_error());

		$getmembers = "SELECT * FROM `members` WHERE `last_visit` >= $last ORDER BY `last_visit` ASC";

		if ($resultmem = $mysqli->query($getmembers)) {

		    /* fetch associative array */
		    while ($rowmemb = $resultmem->fetch_assoc()) {
			$query = "SELECT * FROM pfields_content WHERE member_id = '".$rowmemb['member_id']."'";

			$result = $mysqli->query($query);
			$row = $result->fetch_assoc();

echo <<<EOD


		    /* free result set */

		/* close connection */

		echo "</table>

If you don't have IP.Content, simply save the code as a .php file, enter in the database details and put


at the top of the file.

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