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Hey All

Just got pretty severely attacked by spammers, and dealing with all the posts led me to a few point i'd like to point out. Not sure if these issues have been fixed in the latest version because i haven't updated (my licence expired like 3 days before hand, how gay is that!)

1. After deleting all of a member's posts, you should be redirected back to that member so you can ban/delete them rather than being left to navigate back into manage members, finding the member and then deleting them.
2. When deleting a member, you should have the option to also delete all of their posts.
3. Also, deleting all members from a particular usergroup would be a useful option, ie, deleting all spammers/validation/banned etc

Not having a go at anyone, this could've been my 'noobiness' at not knowing how to work it properly, but it was severely frustrating, particularly the first two issues.


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