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Some feedback and a suggestion


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Hello guys. I know the Features of IP.Board very well as I am a Moderator on a IP.Boardskin Forum :)

I just noticed some things that could be fixed.

1. Thing: In the mobile Version there is a button 'Get the free IP.Board app'
The link to that app is dead this means iTunes/Appstore gives an error and says the app isnt available.
So this button could be generally removed. I know it can be disabled in the AdminControlPanel.

2. I 2 bigger suggestions:

1. multiple kicks in the IP.Chat: There should be a checkbox next to the online users and when you click ban/kick all the members which have a checked checkbox will be kicked. (I sometimes had 3 spammer and I had to kick them seperately)

2. A new Feature for the Moderator ControlPanel:
Administrator can upgrade members to a created rank.
This only can be made in the AdminCP. My second suggestion is that Adminscan give powers to Mods to do the same in the ModCP. e.g Upgrading member from rank1 to rank2.
So the admin can decide what ranks can be upgraded in the ModCP by the Moderators.

-Those are only suggestions I would like to have (dreams :P )
-I don't know if this kind of suggestion is allowed
-I just wanted to give a feedback with that button.


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But in the adminCP you can add ranks for example 'Vip' , 'Contributer' and so on.

A Moderator can't change the members rank from 'VIP' to Contributer only admins can do this

Moderators can change ranks when giving the punishment.
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