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Download: Total Members Controls


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File Name: Total Members Controls
File Submitter: Con
File Submitted: 30 Apr 2012
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

NOTE: There's a new mod in town that not only improves upon Total Members Controls, but adds additional settings for Total Posts, Most Online, and other stats values across the entire IP.Suite! You may want to check that out instead: Manage Board Stats. Please uninstall the Total Members Controls mod before installing the Manage Board Stats mod.

This hook can change the output of the 'Total Members' value in the #board_stats area on the Board Index:

1) Database Recount
Display a recounted value based on IDs tallied from the 'members' database table. For various reasons, such a value is normally more accurate than the default value. For example, it results in the inclusion of some users that tend to be excluded in the default value in IPB 3.2.X and IPB 3.3.X, such as unvalidated users. (Thanks to Marcher Technologies for originally supplying the recount method.)

2) Inflate Value
You can additionally choose to artificially increase or decrease the recounted Total Members value by a specified amount.

You can win this mod for free if you leave a Marketplace review and support thread post at both IPS and XR3X. Details.

Click here to download this file

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