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Before anyone says anything unkind, I'm just posting this as a friendly reminder of what has been going on in the copyright wars regarding websites and the entertainment industry. I keep a daily account of what has been going on so use this information to your best advantage. Please note that I've posted this to give everyone a heads-up, not to sound like the harbinger of doom.

This is a great mod but I would be careful when using it. Recent court rulings have found that simply linking to unauthorized content, through video content or audio files, has been found to be infringing on copyrights by the entertainment industry. ICE has been using those rulings to seize websites and website domain names because of this. Please note that the sites I have listed here are not torrent websites but rather news or information websites that report on the copyright and trademark war that has been waged by the media entertainment industry.

Now, ICE (U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement) has been seizing websites and domain names without so much as a court order and without so much as a judgment against websites who link to material or use embedded links. When they discover linked material, they simply shut the websites down and seize the domain names without a court order.

For information on this, check out:

http://www.torrentfreak.com (news site that reports on the torrent industry in regards to copyright lawsuits)

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Like it but had to uninstall it. Once you install it and then try to edit anything in your settings it takes you to the same general settings link =/

noticed that now , will get this fixed and upload the new file

Does not work for 3.2.0, the player doesn't show up on the profile - Any plans to update?

version from this site as well as his site do this to me.
wonder if youtube in profile in interacting wrong.
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Any future updates on this, of members being able to upload "x" amount of songs set through ACP ?

[upload box] Song 1

[upload box] Song 2

[upload box] Song 3

() random song played

() Song 1 played

() Song 2 played

() Song 3 played

[upload songs/Save settings]

Something like that maybe ?

Seconded, is there any plans to include multiple songs?
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Ive downloaded and installed the most recent version of this "1.1.8". I uninstalled the previous version first, then installed this version.. When I fill out the info on my Profile page for Profile Song, and submit it, I get a Database error. Here is the error im getting:


Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 04:04:49 +0000

Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'song_title' in 'field list'

Seems as though during the install, it didnt add all the proper database tables?

Also, what are the other folders/files for?
Folder: fancybox
File: jquery-1.4.3.min.js

Theres no information listed about those in the ReadMe.html file

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