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-RAW33- Most Viewed Topics


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File Name: -RAW33- Most Viewed Topics

File Submitter: -RAW-

File Submitted: 30 Apr 2012

File Category: User and Social Engagement

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This hook will add a list on the side showing most viewed topics on your board.
- enable/disable hook,
- choose which groups can see this list,
- choose how many topics to show,


here to download this file

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Another great hook, RAW. Very useful.
Is it possible to change it a bit, so that it displays most viewed topics in the last 30 days, instead of overall?
My forum is 10 years old, so the most viewed topics are dated way back in time, and users are no longer interested in those old topics.
It would be great if you guide me to which lines to edit for this please.

Many thanks.

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