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RIo Skin

Ajouz ♞

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File Name: Rio Skin (Flash Skin . )
File Submitter: Ajouz
File Submitted: 28 Apr 2012
File Category: Professional Skins

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Desorption : Rio is a fixed width Flash Skin


Flash Menu : our Skin powered by a nice Flash with animation
  • links as buildings

  • social icons as animated Tracks

  • Text Animated Logo

  • Settings Xml to configure flash menu


What if Flash Not loaded (ipad , Iphone ) ?

We create alternative HTML menu for devices not supported flash , so no problem at all !
  • Html Menu


Restriction : Flash menu can take up to 14 link

1- skin xml
2-image xml
3-settings xml

Demo : www.ips-skins.com

for support and per-sales questions please visit

things to do
  • follow file to be notified when skin is updated
  • rate us
  • write a review


Click here to download this file
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Nice skin, but the flash animated is very slow and not very smooth. It also slow down the board when I was using the Demo and browse around. I guess too many animation going on.

thanks for your feedback ,
we have in this skin many animation as you said , some of them can be stoped from the attached settings file ,
the others can be stoped be modifying flash file , which we can do easily if customer request this .

Like I said in the other thread, cool skin. :) Not too many Flash skins with that much detail in the IPS Marketplace. It's also good that there is a non-Flash alternative in case the Flash isn't loaded.

Thanks bro , glad that you like it .
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