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6-Second Skin Maker


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6-Second Skin Maker

This includes the CSS for all 1st party apps, but
(i) aggregated into one overriding file,
(ii) stripped down to more commonly edited attributes,
(iii) with hex values categorized into one of six types.

Which translates to
(a) a skin with improved likelihood of compatibility with future IPS software, compared to one with directly-edited default style sheets,
(b) a huge, HUGE chunk of the tedious work done for you.

With this, you can lay down a color scheme in seconds, a fraction of the time it would normally take going through every hex value in the default style sheets, and with greater hands-on practicality compared to mocking one up in Photoshop. Then, for those who wish to go further, get down to business in the included aggregated CSS file.

For proper redistribution of your finished skin, simply transfer the CSS from any page's source code to a style sheet in the 'CSS' area, to be loaded after the default style sheets, and then export the skin.


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