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Warnings: Default note's


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First of all, I love the new updates to the warnings system.

I have some suggestions I'd like to throw out here with these updates. One of them being a feature I've always wanted to implement myself.

I think it'd be awesome to add the ability to set "predefined" notes for the member.

Basically meaning when selecting your reason for warning the member, the "Note for member" box will automatically be filled with a predefined message. You can (by default) change or modify this however you like.

Some other possible ideas to go along with that:

  • Give the option to enforce a predefined response, meaning that other moderators cannot change the note given for that warning reason.
  • Add the ability to add things such as "{member_name}" and "{staff_name}" in the predefined message, automatically replacing these with the name of the user you are warning and the name of the staff member giving the warning. Maybe even flags for things such as a link to the board guidelines and the length of the suspension the moderator is enforcing.
  • Grant the ability to restrict certain warn reasons to administrators, including the "other" option. While you may want to enforce a set of guidelines on your acting staff members, sometimes you may need to enforce a more aggressive suspension to a user that is otherwise not allowed.
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Warnings should be customized for the user. Not everything is black and white, helps to make for lazy moderation, and you'll get more resistance with it.

When you're dealing with a forum that has thousands of registrations a month, when you frequently deal with people who just simply do not care to read the rules, who just want to register to post pointless spam to try and gain access to all areas your community, you can't tell me I have to write out a customized individual response to every single member I warn.

That's ridiculous. I don't have time for that. I try and do this whenever possible, but some people just aren't worth my time. So I have generalized templates for common offenses, such as spamming. You're right that not everything is black and white, but when it comes to moderation, many things are. This is against our rules. You clearly violated this rule. You are being warned for violating this rule. Nothing else needs to be said.


This is a notice that your account has been warned for making improperly formatted posts.

Please remember that this is a forum, not a chat room. You should take the time to properly format all of your posts before hitting the post button. More specifically, it is against forum guidelines to post using "txt speak" here.


It's annoying. It's ugly. It's just flat out unnecessary. Compare the two examples,

Example 1:

Omg, that was gr8, thx, i rly enjoyed it. u should post more like this!

Example 2:

Wow, that was really good! I really enjoy all of your work. You should definitely continue this story, you have a real talent for writing!

See the difference? People can read the second example without wanting to gouge their eyes out. There's no reason you can't make posts like the second example above. Take the time to write out proper posts. Use "you" instead of "u", "thanks" instead of "thx" and always try to use proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

If this is your accounts first warning, no action will be taken towards it at this time. This is only meant to serve as a warning. However, repeating this offense multiple times in a short time span may warrant lengthy posting restrictions being enforced on your account.

Thanks for your time and understanding,

<Moderators Name>

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It would also be nice if the content/post reported could be attached directly to the warning itself.

If you warn a user for making a post and then delete the post, the user may have no clue what they're actually being warned for.

The only way to avoid this is to manually include a quote of the post with every warning you make.

There are so many potential improvements available to the warnings system. I'm kind of disappointed that no one else is expressing any interest.

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