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IP Downloads Capability

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I have IP.Boards right now, I am willing to buy Ip. Downloads, but I have a question.

That IP. Downloads can do like this:

I have domain1.tld/downloads/x.zip file , my ip.board is domain2.tld

Question, can I put that link to IP. download on domain2.tld and encrypted link to download it?


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IP.Downloads supports multiple methods of file storage:

  • Disk-based storage. This is the default, and means uploaded files are stored in a folder on your server's hard drive. This folder does not need to be web-accessible (so there is no direct link, which protects the files from discovery and leeching).
  • Database-based storage. Files can be stored in the database. As with non-web-accessible folders, your files are secure as they require IP.Downloads to serve them, however this increases the size of your database dramatically.
  • FTP storage. You can instruct IP.Downloads to store files on a remote server (using FTP to transfer the file). This may accomplish what you are describing.
  • Links. You can simply link to remote files. IP.Downloads will redirect the user to the requested file when they click on the 'download' button in the software, however there is no way to 'protect' the URL. The user will know it once they have clicked to download the file.

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IP.Downloads will not automatically extract zip files from user uploads, however there is a tool in the ACP that can do this. In the ACP under Other Apps -> Downloads -> Tools -> Bulk import from Zip file you can upload a zip file, and then use the tool to import all of the files in the zip archive into IP.Downloads.

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