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Download: CloudsStyle

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File Name: CloudsStyle
File Submitter: Lesovsky
File Submitted: 22 Apr 2012
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins

Lightweight and sleek style with blue tones is now compatible with IP.Board 3.3!

In the style settings added 7.
With the help of which you can change it without knowledge of html and css style width, enable / disable the clouds, set up links to your pages in facebook and twitter.

Supported components:

IP. Blog 2.5.2
IP. Gallery 4.2.1
IP. Downloads 2.5.1
IP. Calendar 3.3.1


Also, the video was prepared for installation and demonstration of CloudsStyle:

For 3.2.3

File: CloudsStyle 1.0.0.zip

A simple and concise style with blue tones. Support of components: IP. Blog IP. Gallery IP. Downloads IP. Calendar Partial support for the following components: IP. Content What does Partial support for components? The colors of some elements were not made under the skin, such as some buttons. Files Included: PSD logo Screenshots XML's Readme

After purchasing, please read the file readme!


My personal site: http://lesovsky.ru

Click here to download this file

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This skin is fantastic I really love it. Just a shame it don't have support for IP.Chat, since installing I have had a lot of reports of chat errors. Couldn't get on for a long time myself today, and the chat is a very important part of my site. Still love the skin tho.

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I'm having a few members report that the 'sign out' and 'change theme' links are obscured by the clouds and not visible. I think it may be a resolution problem. Is there any way to fix this? thanks.

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