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Feature request: Delink user name history

Artefaqs Corporation

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With the way employers are getting crazy with internet background searches of prospective employees, it might be useful to have a feature in Invision Board that allows users, moderators, or administrators to erase a person's name history.

For example, it's not unusual for someone to sign on to a forum using their real name. Somewhere along the line they change their user name. Through the use of the "Display Name History" link in a user's profile, it is possible to link a person's comments made under a pseudonym with their original real name.

It would be great if administrators could enable/disable this link in the user profile page on a per-user basis. But system-wide is OK, too.

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Its quite easy to conditional it so its only visible to certain groups, I wrote an article on doing this a while back. It should still work on the newer version, if not I'll update it. Its also straightforward to erase it too via the SQL Toolbox or phpmyadmin if required, either everyone or a specific member. :smile:

Having said that I can see the value in a new ACP option when editing a member (on the "actions" dropdown perhaps) to remove previous display names.

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