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Select All Posts. Split Topic From Post.


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Requested features to make moderation a heck of a lot easier/quicker for some:

Select All Posts
Just as there is a 'Select All Topics' checkbox on Forum View, there should be a 'Select All Posts' on Thread View. If there is a slew of posts that are desired to be split or merged, for example, and they comprise most of the thread page, it would often be much easier/quicker to automatically select all posts on a thread page and then manually unselect a few irrelevant posts than to manually select all relevant posts.

Split Topic From Post
Like the 'Split Posts' option, there should be a 'Split Thread' option, in which a checkbox on only one post in a thread needs to be selected to mark all posts in the thread starting from the first selected post as the posts for splitting into a separate thread.

These would shave some time off of moderation and add some consistency between the Post Moderation and Topic Moderation systems.

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