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Tell warned users how to acknowledge their warning


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This has turned into quite the issue on one of my communities since we started making use of the revamped warning system in IPB 3.3. My moderators and I love being able to force a warned user to acknowledge their warning before they can post again.

But... warned members seem to be almost unanimously confused when the quick editor disappears, and very few of them think to try the "Reply to this topic" button at the top of the page.

The inherent issue here is that our users are so accustomed to using the quick reply box, they don't know what to do or what's wrong when it vanishes upon the receipt of a warning. Cue a private message to a moderator or a status update proclaiming "I can't post anymore! Why?"

I see two ways to address this:

1) Completely block off the user's access to the community until they have acknowledged the warning. E.g.: whenever they try to access anything, put the warning in their face and ask them to acknowledge it. Has the major advantage of being impossible to miss, and keeping users from submitting content to any area of the site until they acknowledge it (what's to stop user warned for swearing excessively on the forums from swearing in the comments of a calendar entry, with the current setup?). And frankly, if a user received a warning, I want that warning to be the very first thing they see next time they visit my site.

2) Display something in the quick editor's place upon the receipt of a warning. Ex.: "You have recently received a warning. You must acknowledge it before you are able to post again." Might work, but it would require a template modification which could prove a hassle for all the skin designers who just updated their 3.2 skins to 3.3. From an administrative point of view, I think this is also less desirable than effectively giving the user a ban that they are able to lift themselves (that's what option #1 accomplishes, in a nutshell).

This seems like a simple UI/UX oversight, but it creates unnecessary work for moderators that can easily be handled by the software with one of the above changes.

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Number one was how I thought it was going to work initially. It makes sense because we might warn someone for doing something in a PM and they'll never have to acknowledge it unless they post. There are people who only send PMs to their friends and never post after all.

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We have this problem with basically every warning issued.

I suggest buttons (like the "Quote") and quick reply box work, but with a redirection to the acknowledgement page with the quote button and when clicking inside the quick reply box, a popup appears with the acknowledge message.

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