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Really interested about new IPB 3.3 archive system. But its locking those old topics and prevent any new replies right?
Can't we have it like they have it in Webhostingtalk, digitalpoint etc.. like telling ppl this is a old/archived topic and reply if you really mean it.
So if they still reply...

Move it to active thread table or Just let it run on archive system and warn admin to move to active thread.. so we can mass move like every month.

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The point of the archive system is to create an archive of topics.

If you were able to reply or otherwise interact with them then they wouldn't be an archived topic they would just be a ... topic :smile:

Administrators can unarchive topics. Since the goal of the archive system is to eliminate stress on the active posts database allowing people to unarchive topics on the fly would not be efficient.

Basically if the admin chooses to archive a topic they are doing so with a purpose. If you want people to be able to interact with topics then you should not archive them.

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hmm.. I don't think you are fully understanding what we want.

The vast majority of old topics deserve to be archived, but occasionally a topic comes up (especially on a board as old as mine) that should justifiably be brought back to the posts database.

I'm not asking for a reply box in an archived topic, but a button that says "Click here to reactivate this topic" and then the unarchive process would start. It is an extra step, but would suit both goals of allowing users to interact with a topic of any age, yet still keep the vast majority of stale topics in the archive.

After a set amount of time, the reactivated topic could still go back into the archive database.

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Just my opinion, but... if a topic needs to be Unarchived... the likely hood is that it needs to stay that way, because it's still "active" in the sense that you unarchived it for a reason - to be posted in.

Repeated Unarchiving and Re-archiving just adds more load to the posts table in the database (continuously moving multitudes of posts from one table to another), which is what the Archive System was meant to help prevent.

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15 hours ago, fix3r said:

how can i make the topics move to a different forum or be deleted when it becomes archived?


Archiving is an alternative approach to handling older data compared to deleting, or moving the content to a different forum. There is no provision with archiving to automatically delete topics or move them to another forum...the intention is that they stay where they are, but are archived and thus read-only, non-searchable, etc.

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