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Download: Club Skin 3.3.x

Pete T

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File Name: Club Skin 3.3.x
File Submitter: Pete T
File Submitted: 11 Apr 2012
File Category: Professional Skins


Rich, Warm and Classy - This understated skin is evocative of being in an upmarket "Gentlemen's" Club! Eye soothing colours and a nice relaxed air of comfort and style, a touch of exotic hardwood, a hint of Deep Green Leather Club Chairs, Silk and Velvet drapes.
To remove copyright you must purchase the Skin Copyright remover from us at $10.00 Per Skin.
Installation instructions.
If you have not installed a skin before and are unsure what to do, follow this guide: Skin Guide
* Blogs
* Gallery
* Downloads
* Nexus
* Logo psd

Demo Username : demo
Demo Password : demo
Demo Link : http://dev2.ipbworks.com/

**SPECIAL OFFER TO OLD CUSTOMER if you had got this skin from SkinByDragonfly and have proof i will sell skin for $8.00 please contact me directly for this offer.

Click here to download this file

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Nice-looking skin. The Demo Link doesn't include the Club Skin in its theme changer though.

Thank now fixed :)

This is a great skin! It looks just like SbD did. You've done a great job with it Pete T.

Because the same skin by SbD my parnter in this project owns the rights :)
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I was hoping you said that Pete. Would your partner have been from Fountain Pen Network? We were looking for Club and Stone. Would you or he happen to have the rights to that skin also? Also, how do we have to prove we were an old customer of SbD?

Yes very same parnter all need do is have email of profe had that skin or invoice to get database that show all current client its hard really but i work with any one getting good deal.

*forgot add yes they have club and stone but the stone skin not been done yet.*
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