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[HQ] MotM - Member of the month

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[HQ] MotM - Member of the month

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With this application you can setup a MotM (member of the month)
on your board.

ACP Features: [*]Admin can set up Application on/off. [*]Admin can set up which groups can view MotM. [*]Admin can enable/disable Motm block in home page [*]Admin can enable/disable Icon in the maintitle of the block [*]Admin can choice avatar size to show in home page (mini, medium, large) [*]Admin can enable/disable Motm Archive Page (with historical data) [*]Admin can setup how many records to show in the archive page [*]Admin can setup block postion (sidebar, top, bottom) [*]Feature: (Pin) Awards support [*]Feature: (Pin) Awards - show icons on block or Awards Total [*]Feature: (Pin) Awards - Limit icons display number [*]Feature: [HQ] Awards support  [*]Feature: [HQ] Awards- show icons on block or Awards Total  [*]Feature: [HQ] Awards - Limit icons display number  [*]Block Preview in admin ACP [*]Popup modal window for Staff Note  [*]Settings to configure a signature and title for motm note  [*]Auto-Select Motm by reputation received in the last month  [*]Motm suggestions in ACP  [*]ACP overview restyled
Block Features [*]12 stats displayed for member of the month
MotM are tested on default IPB skin (3.2, 3.3 and 3.4), for custom skin I provide a full support for free!!!

Compatibility: [*]IP.Board 3.4.X (tested on beta) [*]IP.Board 3.3.X [*]IP.Board 3.2.X 




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having some difficulties.. IPB 3.3.0


Based on screenshoot above, problem I found:
- Avatar not attached properly
- Registered on this board since January 01, 1970 ?
- He have posted times with a frequency of 0.00 posts / day. ?

Maybe all of this thing problem because without proper Install.
When installing... After this screenshoot
my server stuck, take a long time, after that my server it fine, then as you see the result above happened again.

NB: already tried to uninstall and install again twice

please advice.


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I love this & thank you for making it but im having two small issues:


When you click the "ARCHIVE" icon i get the following error-

Fatal error: Call to a member function viewMotm() on a non-object in /home/sigresou/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/motm/modules_public/main/view.php on line 33


How to i change the color behind the members avatar? I have a dark skin on my site and the white does not look good there so im wanting to change it to transparent.

You can see what im talking about here: http://sigresource.com
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Can we edit the text that is displayed on the block?

The current text is not very correct in English. I know that English is not your native language, if you wish I can help and provide a more natural translation.

And related to this matter, can we disable this text from showing or add a text explaining the reason why the member was awarded?

For example, if a new member does a really phenomenal contribution then I would like people in the future to understand what happened.

Good addon, will be happy to soon become a customer.

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