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Other apps not showing?


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This is certainly not working for me. I've installed several apps and they do not appear in the menu. The only items that appear is Calendar and Gallery. I upgraded this site from 3.1.2 > 3.4.2 and everything went fine. However, like I said the others app menu does not show my addons and I'm unable to access them. Any suggestions on fixing this?

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China J, I'd submit a support ticket. It's hard to debug an issue over the forums. Our technicians will be able to log in and take a look for you.

It's a legacy Perpetual license... Note that at one time it was IPS hosted and the last upgrade the same issue occurred. Do you still want to look at it though it's not converted?

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For some reason when i install an app, now it does not show up in other apps, i dont know why, please help

Hi, this is happening to me too.

The only apps i see in Other Apps dropdown menu are IP Converters and MemberMap.

I Installed IP.Content (i own a regular licence for it) and don't see it in the list, so i can't create/edit/manage Pages


edit: Only one admin (the original one) can see/edit the other apps. is it possible to allow all administrators to see those apps?

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I'm sorry to dig this up but I had the same issue recently whereby only 1 of 3 admins could see all the apps installed under 'Other Apps' and I couldn't work out why.

I've just found the option to enable it for other admins....

Find the member you want

On the left at the bottom, click 'Manage Admin Restrictions'

Under 'Member ACP Restriction Permissions' click the pencil to edit the user

Then tick all the boxes under each module to enable them access.

Then 'Save Restrictions'

I hope this helps some others!

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