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This will require some tweaks to accomplish but I think the overall gain will make it worth the effort. In short, be able to have a 'power' filter when filtering the list of bugs. By this, I mean being able to select one or more status (unconfirmed, confirmed, not a bug, fixed, etc) and one or more versions (3.1.4, 3.2.0, etc).

The benefit here would be the ability to narrow the list of bug reports down to multiple versions instead of only one as well as picking and choosing which statuses to view.

For example, right now, there are reports for 3.3.0 as well as 3.3.1. Selecting to see what's been fixed is easy, just pick 3.3.1 and generate a list of fixed reports. But what if I want to see what's still open/confirmed? There are multiple statuses for confirmed reports (for good reasons, mind you), so to filter for each one as well as per version, that's a lot of clicking to view different lists. Looking at only the different options for 'Confirmed', that's four, then at two versions, that's eight variations. Being able to select all four 'Confirmed' statuses as well as both versions, I could see all of them with one filter.

A slight twist on this would be to add a 'type' for each status, where it would fall under 'new', 'open', 'confirmed', 'fixed', 'closed', where 'open' would be for things such as "Awaiting feedback" or something and 'closed' would be for things such as 'Duplicate' or 'Not a bug', then could filter based on the type of status as an alternative to the status itself. So, picking to view all reports that have a 'confirmed' status would show all that are confirmed reports regardless of which status it actually has (confirmed general, skin issue, etc). Essentially, grouping the statuses and being able to view by group rather than individual.

Another minor request is when viewing the list of reports, where the number of pages are listed, have a mention of how many reports are available based on the filters chosen. So if only 78 are available based on the filtered choices, then it would say 78. Perhaps even "1 to 25 of 78 selected reports" or something.

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