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Creating New Topics: Problem With Adding "Tags/Elements"


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Has anyone experienced any problem with adding tags when creating a new topic? I'm running IPB 3.3.0 and the problem I'm having is that when I add more than one tag, the system isn't separating each tag. With 3.2, when you separated each tag (or element) with a comma, the software would capture each "tag" with an invisible "box" (indicating that the tag was complete) marked with an "x" in the upper right hand corner, allowing you to create the next tag.

However, with 3.3.0, when you separate each "tag" or "element" with a "comma", IPB doesn't separate each "tag". The only way that IPB will separate each tag is if I click within the area of the "text editor/post box". I don't know if this is a glitch, but when I enter a comma ",", the system should end that tag and start the new one. What happens is that when I enter in several tags, separated with the "comma" (,), IPB interprets this as one long tag.

Is this a bug, a glitch or something else?

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