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Remove Topic Links

Pete T

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File Name: Remove Topic Links

File Submitter: Pete T

File Submitted: 29 Dec 2010

File Category: Maintenance

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x

A System Scheduler hook that will delete all 'link' topics that are left when you move a topic from one forum to another. The task runs daily, and deletes all of these link topics older than X days old (you set the X in the Admin CP, 3 by default). This makes it convenient where you can leave a link visible for people when you move their topics, but then have that link disappear after a few days once they have time to see that it has been moved.

NOTE: This functionality is now included in IP.Board 3.1.2, so users on that version or higher should no longer need this Hook.

here to download this file

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