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Timeline also in IPB?

Ziv Grosu

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Our point exactly ... that's why the:


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Appears in this topic. lols :sweat:

Quite often, no less.

Breadfan, on 08 April 2012 - 10:58 AM, said:

Can we make IPB look like Twitter instead?

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lols :lol: Too True. I was jumping on the ridiculous ideas of adding Facebook features to the forums. Why don't we simply call IPB: IPB Facebook or Facebooking IPB. :lol:

Its funny to constantly watch you bash this idea, but I got it. Facebook isn't the devil. Most of its use is good, and while I might not agree on some of its functions, I do believe its good and can be used on your site to benefit it.
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Not me. I think it's a dumb idea to simply copy what other sites are doing. IPS has always given us original features. I mean it was vBulletin that decided to "copy" some of the features that IPB had created for its forum software. I remember when 3.0 was released and how vBulletin decided it liked the fluid structure of the menu system and then vBulletin copied that structure. Obviously, only a small handful of clients here like the Timeline feature and I don't see IPS adopting this since it's a feature that's so widely disgusted by us. lols :lol:

If IPS were to include this feature, I would disable the feature and then remove it from the source code, just out of spite. lols :lol:

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I think the idea of the 'timeline system' is actually good. I understand most people wish to burry the past because they maybe ashamed of their postings, but for website centered on content only and not so much chatter, I don't see how a timeline of postings is bad and maybe help get content noticed.

Unless you have something to hide, I haven't seen any other reasons why timelines are bad. So care to share why timelines are bad aside from the previous point? I would like to know as I do not know much about FB's implementation of it other than people complaining about it bringing up their past. Regarding that, if you are ashamed of something you have written, why write it in the first place....

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