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Please add a new status in the tracker for patched issues. Sometimes the developers will post patches in the tracker for big issues. With the release of 3.3 there were a couple of patches posted (Reputation count showing as 0, super moderators cannot warn users, the moderating team page fatal error). These types of fixes don't exactly fit in with KB articles, but their patches are pretty important to people. Instead of using a "Fixed" status if you could add in a "Fixed with patch" status or something similar that would be helpful for anyone to come by and filter the results and apply the latest fixes instead of having to wait until the next release.

Browsing through the technical support board regularly I see the same things pop up over and over and the answer is to always link to the patched issues. At the very least they'd be easier to find with this filter so that I can link them easier. I don't save them or anything, I just search for them using the right keywords, but not everyone knows to do that.

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Ok can IPS please announce patches?

That's just..not right. I'm an IPS addict so I know about this, but anyone who saw the 3.3.3 release and upgraded right away and isn't like me won't know about these patches. Well they're not really patches..this is more like the build number request. If you're going to repackage the zip with new files...these things should be told to everyone.

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