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From VB To IPB - Does IPB Have This Mods ?

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Hi, currently I'm using Vbulletin.

Before I convert my forum.. I have some questions :

1 - Vbulletin has Vbadvanced CMPS & IPB has IP Content
Try take a look at this photo : CLICK HERE or demo here : CLICK HERE
Does IP Content has any option to show latest thread in LIST view ? Can someone show me the working demo of IP content ?

2 - Does Ipb has mods to show latest post on forum page ? Vbulletin has VSA MOD.

3 - In Ipb, is it possible to show sidebar globally / everywhere, as well as in thread view ?

That's only for now..

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1) I will leave this to others as I do not use the Ip Content myself.

2) The mod you linked looks like it displayes the top stats. I have coded such a hook. It can be seen here:

But if you want to show the latest posts only, have a look at my other hook here:

3) There is a mod that will make the sidebars golbal.

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1) Yes. You can pull the latest threads onto your IP.Content page, and you can customize the look and feel to suit your needs.



. I'm not sure why one of the previous posters said this mod shows only stats... it shows post content as well.


It was not about your mod. I was talking about the vb mod that the OP linked to in his post.


Which shows the top x stats.

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