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Remove (or reset) Warning (Points)

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Dont know if i the only here which miss this function, but i think we need a option to remove a warning and/or reset a warning.

I reported this confusing thing HERE on the tracker, but i think IPS will see this as not a bug.

So IPS: Please give us the MUST HAVE option to delete a warning and/or reset the current warning to "0" (default).

The problem with this i declared already in the tracker entry HERE.

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Well of course, but you can set the points to zero in the member edit page.

Okay, you're right. But i think this is not a good solution - removing the warning (points) should be so easy as set a new warning/ban a member, without go to logs (and search for the logentry) and then go to the member acp page and (re)set the points manuelly.

And: You can only remove (ALL) warnings of a member, not only a special warning. And maybe you will not delete a warning, but reset it so you can see the old warning, but the member has 0 points again...

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