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Download: Automatic News Ticker

Brian Garcia

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File Name: Automatic News Ticker
File Submitter: .Brian
File Submitted: 02 Apr 2012
File Updated: 03 Apr 2012
File Category: IP.Content Blocks

You can view the demo here, http://garciaips.inv....com/index.php? .

This IP.Content block pulls the latest 15 topics and includes this in an automatic news ticker feed. Included in the .zip are instructions on how to speed / slow down the ticker, or how to include more feeds. The block can be placed anywhere on your board and will fit any width requirements automatically.

You should be able to change the feed source to posts, articles, etc. You may need to edit the template code slightly, but the automation process will still be in tact.

The javascript does not conflict with any other functionality throughout the board.

Would you like more IP.Content customization? SKINIPB.COM can assist.

Click here to download this file

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for some reason it does not seem to be picking up all the new posts.
It seems to have missed the odd one, IE if we made several test posts named 1,2,3,4, onwards etc and it only shows 1,3,4,7 - not all of them 1 to 10

We are using IPBoard 3.3.2 and IPcontent 2.3.1

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