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Display Name Changer as part of the click-on-user menu


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I have a suggestion for IP.chat which involves allowing people to change their display name easier such as for those who wish to mark themselves as AFK for an hour etc.

It would be great - for my board members at least - if there was a quick-access link to the display name change page, or better yet a link in the chat user menu (where ignore, pm is etc) which opens an AJAX box for them to enter a new display name.

Another suggestion for this possible feature would be for the display name to auto-change back to their previous display name upon exit, or maybe a tick box on the display-name-change pop-up box which allows them to choose whether to auto change back on exit.

Just a thought anyways. I hope it's a useful idea. :)

Best wishes,


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I think having "statuses" is a good idea, now that I think about it. Not necessarily display name changing though, I think that is probably confusing.

I'm going to add this to my list of suggestions in the thread in the Client Lounge. I want IP.Chat to BE AWESOME.

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