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Download: Chinese Language Packs for IP.Board 3.3.4


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File Name: Chinese Language Packs for IP.Board 3.3.4
File Submitter: Green Tea
File Submitted: 29 Mar 2012
File Category: Language Packs

Chinese Traditional (繁體中文/正體中文/CHT) & Chinese Simplified (简体中文/CHS)

encode UTF-8

IPB 3.4.0 調漲價格 ---> Here

Note: IPS Marketplace increases the file size of single file. We decided to change the method:

注意:IPS Marketplace 增加單檔的檔案大小。我們決定改變方法:

(1) The "language.xml.gz" has only the front-end (public areas) of Chinese language.

(1) "language.xml.gz" 只有中文的前台。

(2) The "files in cache directory" that contains the front-end (public areas) and AdminCP (admin areas) of Chinese language.

(2) 在 cache 目錄裡的檔案,包含前台及後台的中文。


The language pack has

IP.Board 3.3.4
IP.Nexus 1.5.5
IP.Calendar 3.3.2
IP.Content 2.3.3
IP.Downloads 2.5.2
IP.Chat 1.4.1
IP.Blog 2.6.1
IP.Gallery 5.0.3

here to download this file

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Import method of the Chinese language pack, please choose one

(1) Import "language.xml.gz"

Modified your server "php.ini" Memory Limit 128M or better recommended

(2) Upload /cache/ directory all files into /translate/ directory

For example,import Chinese Traditional (CHT)

ACP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Languages -> English (USA) -> Copy language pack... -> get "English (USA) (COPY)"

select "English (USA) (COPY)" -> Edit... ->
Language Title -> English (USA) (COPY) -> 繁體中文
Language Locale -> en-US -> zh-TW
-> Save Changes

Use FTP to create /translate/ directory in your IPB root directory.

Go to ACP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Languages -> 繁體中文 -> Translate Externally... -> then stop here!

Use FTP go to "/your ipb directory/translate/", delete "/translate/" directory all files, and upload /cache/ directory all files to /translate/ directory.

At last, back to ACP of the page(External File Translation), press [F5] -> click [Select All] -> click [Import Selected Files] -> wait a few seconds,and you will see some message.

Click [recache this set] -> Recache complete -> click [here to go there now.] ->
You can edit the files in the 'translate' directory. Once you have translated the file you can import these changes directly into the database.
Before editing, please set your text editor to save files as UTF-8 regardless of the character set your board uses.

Click [x Finish And Remove] -> Translation Session Removed -> Finish!!

Finally, use your admin/other account to go back your Community (http://yourdomain.com/index.php) , switch the language English (USA) to 繁體中文.
You will see the IPB of Chinese language interface.

Note:If you don't do according to the above steps, you will find it is still English interface, it means you are in the wrong steps here (delete "/translate/" directory all files, and upload /cache/ directory all files to /translate/ directory,and press [F5]).

PS. If you want to import Chinese Simplified (CHS),please modify the above steps,for example:
Language Title -> English (USA) (COPY) -> 简体中文
Language Locale -> en-US -> zh-CN

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