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File Name: Power Contest
File Submitter: NathanR
File Submitted: 28 Mar 2012
File Updated: 04 Apr 2012
File Category: Modifications

This is a mod for IP.Board that allows you to run contests on your forum.

You can specify the start date, end date, and the amount of points to give the poster for new threads vs new posts.

I know it's not very pretty yet, but it's a very new mod and many more enhancements/addons to come.

Click here to download this file

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Absolutely thanks for the reply. I plan on building it out and adding more features, just had to start somewhere :)

One part I didn't understand, what would you use the customized polls and voting for? The contest is decided off who has the most new topics/new polls points.

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I tried this earlier, and it seems to show an error whenever I fill in the fields on the get info file or whatever.

Is it because the forum database uses a prefix for tables?

Could have been, I have since rewritten this as an IPB application so you don't have to worry about any of that anymore. It's under review right now and as soon as it's approved I will leave the link here to the next version. Feel free to follow development on it here as well: http://forums.developerbase.net/forum/133-power-contest/
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I'm a little confused as to what this does. It only assigns points for posts and new topics? How is that a contest? Can you explain?

The way I use it is that I run a contest for a free domain every two weeks. During that time I needed a way to track new posts and new topics by user on my forum for easy calculation of who the winner was.

So with this you can enter a date range and the number of points a new post or new topic is worth (new topics on mine are worth more).

Like I said above I have rewritten this as an IP.Board application now so it's much easier to install and configure. I will post a link as soon as it is approved in the IPB Marketplace. Feel free to follow development of this app and others here.
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