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Forum Management ACP redesign


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Over at my site we have currently 429 forums/subforums (yes i know, its annoyingly huge)

This makes things like the forum management page absolutely crazy.
I bring this up now because i recently went about adding subforums to multiple sections across multiple categories.

Ive labeled the above picture with numbers to correspond to my suggestions.

1 - This category section should be collapsable, scrolling for days to get to the bottom of my forum is really annoying.

2 - Couple things here:

  • These are subforums of the "team forums" section...but some are sub-subforums...can you tell me which is which? After a study its easy to tell, but only if you know the forum layout already. Perhaps this would be easier if sections with subforums over them were in a collapsible list of some kind.
  • It would also be very useful if there was a way to add a subforum to these sections straight from this screen

3 - The forum description and title should be easily editable from right here, inline if possible.

Further suggestions (not listed in picture)
  • Moderator and forum permissions pages shouldn't be shown unless the admin chooses to set the permissions manually on a forum by forum basis. 99% of my single forum moderators (that arn't inside the moderator usergroup) have the same permissions. Same goes for my forums.
  • When editing a forums permissions, clicking save should take me back to the last forums i was viewing, instead it takes me back to the top-level of the forum list.
  • is there any way to better display this: http://imgur.com/U9Wg0
  • a way to duplicate a forum and move the duplicate (i know some hooks/applications modifications do this, at least i think i saw one once, but i dont want to have to install anything to do something simple like this)
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