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What's with all this gravatar nonsense instead of default icons?


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This change was made in June of 2011, default avatars were removed... gravatar added as well as many other items as well with the 3.2.x series.

You can however still change your default avatar to suite your community, and your users can still change their avatar/profile photo as they see fit.

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You can change the default avatar...but alas, there is no way to bring the avatar gallery back.

This has not been a popular change.

Aye we had loads of themed avatar images that we'd collected over the years it was a shame to lose them.

Turning off Gravatar support in the ACP removes it from the members too. The default board icons shouldn't use them in the first place. Why have our boards connect to some remote server instead of using some tiny local files? Insane idea! :blink:
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