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Purging "Single Use" Member Registrations


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Is there a way to setup an automated process so that if someone registers for an account and never uses it again that it gets purged by the ACP? I've been noticing that I'm getting a lot of registrations where someone will register for an account and never use it again and I'm wondering if there is a process that could be setup where those kind of accounts could be deleted within a certain time period. I'm looking for something similar to "validating members" where the accounts will get deleted if they don't complete the process.

These "single use" accounts are extensive on my community and I'm wondering if there is a process to delete them after like "14" days if they haven't posted or used their account since they registered. My thinking is that with the anti-spam process getting tougher and tougher that someone could create a spambot to "login" and "post" through a registered account and I want to be able to automate the deletion process of certain accounts.

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