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Forum Name in Topic View Title?


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I don't get it.

Why have the Forum Name in the Topic View Title.

For example, the title of this page will be "Forum Name in Topic View Title? - IP.Board - Invision Power Services". For every topic in this forum, the title tag will have "IP.Board" in it. This could be seen as Keyword stuffing, and not least create duplicate title tag errors?

I don't understand why this was added in 3.3 when one of the blog posts specifically stated that you were removing duplicate content such as duplicate title tags?

Not a rant, simply curious. I don't personally care all that much about SEO, but I can see problems arising from a Google perspective..

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I like having the site or forum name on pages as a user. My browser doesn't give image previews when I hover over a tab as an example, so having the name is nice.

to be clear, I'm not talking about the Community Name, I'm talking about the Forum Name....
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I'm trying to work out how to strip the 'community name' from the <meta> title tag. Mikey did you find a solution?

When viewing topics on my site, I want the page (<head><title>) tag to read:

Where to buy cheese in Paris?

Rather than

Where to buy cheese in Paris? - Paris Chat - Paris Forum UK

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In our ip content feed blocks, we have them configured to show each recent topic as:

line 1 - topic title (linked to topic itsefl)

line 2 - forum name, in a badge (linked to forum itself)

line 3 - dtg stamp: 16 Oct 2012 - 08h10

line 4 - first 60 characters of the post

line 5 - Full Topic >

----- break line --------

and next topic, in same format...

These feed topics appear on pages that are not part of the forum itself but in other locations of our community website.

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