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IPB 3.3.0 as an Encyclopedy


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I wanted to share with you my use of the new IPB 3.3.0 feature - the Related Content - which gives our forum extremely powerful tool of how to provide our members the encyclopedy of the Most Famous personalities of Czech history.

First I needed to create a database of topics, where each topic would represent the story of each personality. Like this we have created a list of around 1000 personalities. (politicians, artists, sportsmen etc.)

The next step was to abstract the keywords for each personality according to this rule: occupation (eg. tennis, medicine), years (all years related to his/her life), cities (eg. born town, town where they worked, etc.), names (any related names to their lives), other..

Now as you can see, when browsing the topics, the new IPB 3.3.0 shows us directly the list of all related personalities. For study purpose it is incredible improvement as our members can be offered content related to their interest and come to knowledge which was impossible to get before, for example:

Which other personalities were related to life of the currently open one?
Which other famous personalities existed in the field of my interest - sport, science?
Which personalities come form the town where I live?
Which artists were active during the time of life of this politician?

as the system offers always new and new related content, members can spend hours studying this database and gain quite a unique knowledge.

I was hoping this application could be an inspiration for some of you who could use it for similar purpose. Based on this functionality I am further planning to provide breakdown of keywords for our vegetarian cookbook as well, so if someone is a fan of say vanilla he will get all his favourite recipes from there :smile: Many thanks again for this great functionality improvement!


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