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Using the My Media button

Michael R

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Is there anyway the My Media button can be enhanced with a few settings?

At first I didn't like the tool so much as I was used to using the %7Boption%7D tag. But after using it some I think with some enhancements it would be much better.

The inserting of the image part works easy enough. It's the "viewing" part that's not so good. When viewing a post with the embedded image, clicking on the image takes you to the image in the gallery. Great except now you have to go back to the thread to finish reading the post or continue reading the thread. What if clicking on the image opened a light box to the image? There already is a link to its gallery. There could be a link to the gallery and a link to the picture in the in the gallery. But clicking on the picture itself would open a larger view.

Another option would be to allow settings for how large the image can appear in the post using the My Media button. If the picture could be larger, most people wouldn't have to click on the image to see it better.

And if we are just dreaming here, I think admins should be able to post images using this feature from other Albums, not just ones they own. As an example, I run a picture contest on my site. Users upload their pictures to an open album -- I am assuming I would use a "global" album now? Not sure.

Once all the pictures are uploaded, create a post with a poll. I post thumbnails of each picture using the %7Boption%7D tag and the thumbnail's URL. I put a number next to the image and create a poll with numbers. Works fine for three or four pictures but with 30 to 40 it gets a little confusing. Users then vote for the number in the poll that corresponds to the their favorite picture. Not very elegant but it's the only way I could figure out how to do it.

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I just asked support for the same and they told me to come here and post (in the Gallery part, though). The "My Media" is so nice for people not wanting to use img tags and the like, but like you we can't use the thumbnail to anything since we normally use pictures for AAR's and showing stuff with a lot of text around.

And I agree that clicking the thumbnail is again a strange design decision, why not blast it up like a normal img picture?

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