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I think that's for the leaderboard within the actual tournament page. Where it lists the standings. I am going to have a leaderboard somehow based off of the system as a whole at some point though.

For the bracket, yeah it does it 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, etc... based on the ordering in the ACP. I need to remember on next release to have more of this explained as I never thought about how confusing some of it is. Some people may think it's either random or 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, etc...

Oh also I will add a random feature, though, for those who want it that way.

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I'm ALMOST back to programming again. Once I get back to doing it, I do things quickly. have to do updates to my bettign app and this one. And really even the other apps, but especially these two.

Good to hear it MidnightModding.

We all want you to succeed so we can get the best out of this application.


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Also here are some suggestions that in my opinion will make this add-on better.

1. Have an option to request an entry fee for tournaments, be able to set the amount and then accept it via paypal or the nexus gateway options.

2. A hook for the frontpage that display upcoming and current matches, Shows teams and start times.

a. Also add a hook for the frontpage that displays recent matches and who won the recent match.

3. When selecting (TOTAL Members) on a team in the tournament settings it should automatically default any team submissions for that tournament, so if someone creates a team for a tournament it is automatically set at that number.

a. Maybe an option to set total team members overall on a team

4. A constant match option, where there is no end date or "start" for the tournament of registrations. This way if no actual tournaments are going on teams can still hold matches or scrimmages against eachother in a different category. Not an actual tournament, but still keeps track of losses and wins.

5. Alot of people that would use your add on I am sure are gaming communities so, it would be nice to see an additional 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 type tournament set up as well or option. I know this can be done currently by changing settings but a direct option may be better for use.

6. When making a new tournament it would also be cool if the dates are added to the calendar, and or a thread is posted in a specific forum such as "Events forum" then on the tournament page there is a link to that thread for information or discussion. Again just a suggestion if possible.

7. Ability to have minimal ranks in a team, such as, Team Leader, Squad Leader, Competitor. I think you are working on this already.

8. A free agent system would be cool as well, not sure how to implement it but would be nice to have.

9. I think the tables would be better on the tournament and team pages if they had subtle dividers between each data category, not the category title but the information in the table.

Again, these are just ideas and suggestion that I think would make it useful to more people and overall improve the add on. I think its great right now, just could be better. And Im sure once there are permissions for who can create teams that will be even better!


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yes, it's still technically considered teams though. You just create a team of 1 member. You could just have it named the same as a username or soemthing, i guess. the reason i did it that way is it's easier to handle stats, rather than having some stats from the memebrs table and some not. Or other complications.

Thanks. It would be nice if you could make tournaments for inviduals if future. And Maximus has lots of great ideas. This is not free so if I buy it I will require you to support this addon. smile.png

But good job creating this addon, I will probably buy it. smile.png

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Thanks., I will look over his list and decide on some oft hat. I am probably going to work on this app first and my other ones after I am done with this one. I am expecting to get started back on this probably within 2 or 3 days.

Yes there is group permissions per tournament. Basically you can only create tournaments through the ACP right now though. And when it's created it has a group permission mulsti select where you can limit who can join.

That feature is kind of complicated/odd though because I believe it forces everyone ON the team to be in those groups also. I'll have to look back to be sure, but I think i did it that way. Too many people want things done different ways and so it's hard to have it done in a way which everyone likes. Then also there is a global setting for which groups can even create teams at all.

Basically, you create teams outside of tournaments, though. You don't create a team for a specific tournament. You create them in general and then just join whatever tournaments you want with the same team. That's other one where some peple would want it done different ways. Personally I thought it was better this way where the same team could switch to other tournaments and have stats kept for all of them etc.

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I agreed with that last statement it is better that way for sure, basically a static team that can just sign up and join a match tourny whenever they want. Where is the global setting for groups to make teams? I could not find it or were u saying it use to be there?

And thank you for saying youll take a look at my list =) I hope it helps out. I tried to think of suggestions less personal and more for what would likely be your customer base.

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I hadn't checked up on this mod for a while as I thought it would have been longer for an update, but then I saw this:

Version 1.0.3

  • Added ability to edit a team's point count in the ACP on the edit team forms
  • Fixed a bug which was making it where once you join a tournament, even if you're allowed to add members there were issues where it was basically counting members from your own team as being in ane xtra time where it would not proerly allow anyone to join the team

I used to have so many people complain about joining a team while in a tournament...

Thank you so much for the fix!

If it actual does fix the problem, then I honestly do NOT regret purchasing this now.


Also, I want to re-state the requested features and point out 1 that really bothers me:

I just want to apologize for all the bickering and complaining people are doing here. Yeah, you put a charge for your application, but complaining is not the way to get things done. I, for one, completely support this mod and currently using it for my tournament to host large tournaments with 64 teams. I may even pay / donate more for certain features in the future. However, here are a few features I think you could include:

Add Features

  • Add the ability to display when round times start under Important Times. (I had to make a separate thread with all the information) [Example]
  • Add whether the tournament is best of one or best of three under Tournament Information. [Example]
  • Add the ability to choose a group or certain member that is the "manager" of the tournament. [Example]
  • Allow the admin to change the last round's winners in case of a mistake. (I made a few mistakes when selecting winners and could not change them)
  • Add the ability to force players to "check in" to a tournament a few minutes before the round starts. (Many tournaments I participate in include this to insure the teams are aware of their match and for "no shows")
  • Add the ability for players or admins to attach images to the match information. (This is huge when it comes to gaming tournaments that need screenshots) [Example]
  • Add a 3rd place match to the brackets. (Sometimes there are 3rd place prizes)
  • Add the ability to choose the font style (color, cross-out, etc) for winner/loser freely since the current green/red and strikeout style may conflict with other forum templates.
  • Add the ability to display the score of each round on the bracket. (so if the match was a 2-1 instead of just saying who won it could display the scores as well) [Example]
  • Add a wait list system ready for those that sign up after the accepted amount of teams have already signed up. Preferably have some sort of automated system to move wait list teams onto the list if not all teams check in, and then afterwards have an extended check-in period for them as well.
  • Ability to publish bracket onto other parts of the website, or even to other websites in the form of some sort of dynamic image that we can just copy and paste.
Edit Features

  • Allow admins, when seeding, to choose whether they want to random the seeds or not. (currently it randomized seeds even though I didn't want them to be)
  • Don't allow members to set their member size and instead turn it into an admin setting of what the max amount of players per team is.
  • Move the Rankings & Team List to a separate page just like the brackets. (It looks way too messy when hosting 32+ teams) [Example]
  • Don't enlarge the Winner of the Tournament on the Brackets. (It looks really gross to a see a large GREEN text. Besides, its already displayed at the top with the other information nicely)
  • Don't adjust the time to the players timzone (it causes confusion as to who changed their timezone and who didn't) and instead display the timezone such as PST | Central | Eastern
  • Improve what the brackets look like. They are readable, but not as styled as they could be. (I know you need a skinner, but I just wanted to list it)

Biggest Annoyance: "Allow the admin to change the last round's winners in case of a mistake. (I made a few mistakes when selecting winners and could not change them)"

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I will try to add that at some point, but not sure when because that's more complicated than it may seem because once they enter the winners, it does all this other stuff, such as mvoe them to new rounds or change stats etc etc to where I would have to go slow and be careful to be able to ahndle it properly without messing something up.

On the other, that's even MORE complicated (the memebrs being able to join teams) because of all kinds of checks it does, so if it's still not working right after you upgrade just let me know what it seems to be doing. What makes that so annoyingly complicated is all the checks for ip addresses and whatnot where it goes through all the active tournaments and teams and checking all these things.

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I have problem with this application.
When I installed the aplication ( at the ip.board style ) I see You do not have permission to view tournaments.
Some sugestions ? Help.


OK I find the solution.

ACP -> SETTINGS -> TOURNAMENTS -> Basic Tournament Settings -> Here i set permissions.

Sorry about my english.


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Is there a way we could set up categories so that. A member could have a team in say Category one, and then have a team in category 2 but not be able to have multiple teams in category one or 2. If that makes any sense lol

If you could send me a PM sometime I also have some things I wanted to ask you thanks!

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Is there a way we could set up categories so that. A member could have a team in say Category one, and then have a team in category 2 but not be able to have multiple teams in category one or 2. If that makes any sense lol

If you could send me a PM sometime I also have some things I wanted to ask you thanks!

Yes it's actually rather easy to do, but how are you looking to divide catagorys? Just let the user choose what cata there group goes in. Or by team size?

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