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Even more streamlining to Moderation


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First off - I can't wait to test out the new mod tools in 3.3 and forgive me if some of this is covered off in there already.

One thing I find somewhat inefficient is the process of warning a member. Typically, a suspension of posting abilities will stem from a post that is against the forum rules. Currently, this means editing the post with a note from the mods on why it was edited, or soft deleting the post with a note on why it was done for future reference and mods who stumble across it in a thread later. After that, you click on the warn button under the user's profile pic, up the warning level and add a note why, set the suspension length, and then paste their post + reasons for ban in the PM box.

I think this whole process could be streamlined under the assumption that moderating a post is likely to result in some sort of warning. Thus, if a mod edits or soft deletes a post, it should have a checkbox with "send member a warning" and then if that is checked it loads a popup with the warning toolbox. This way the whole process of warning a member could be done without leaving the topic view. I know it's only one step, but having to take care of the post seperately from the member adds extra time to moderate for mods who are usually volunteers and pressed for time as it is. Being able to do an all in one "hey this post sucks, ok I'll edit the post/delete the post and automatically warn + suspend etc the member" without having to go to a bunch of different areas would be really streamlined I think. My view on this is that the more time a mod can spend reading content, the better, and the mod system should encourage the mod to stay in the topic/post view of the forums themselves instead of jumping back and forth between moderations panels and threads.

Any thoughts from anyone else on this?

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I've came across another problem. Has IPS even considered making the moderator abilities as such where if a forum moderator has to modify a post, that the member who created that post is prevented from "editing" out a moderator's edit.

I've actually encountered the problem where I was forced to modify a member's posted message and he decided to re-edit the post, removing my comments and returning his posted comments. How about creating an option where if a moderator has to "modify" a posted message, that that posted message cannot be modified except by an Admin or Super/Global Moderator. While I'm aware of the feature that turns off "editing" for posted messages and topics, I prefer to leave this on as my members find it useful for them when they need to re-edit the original post of a topic that they're updating on a regular basis.

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