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Download: YouTube Channel Block


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File Name: YouTube Channel Block
File Submitter: Stars25
File Submitted: 10 Mar 2012
File Category: IP.Content Blocks

This block allows you to pull a specified number of the most recent videos from any YouTube channel! Unlike other YouTube video blocks, this block does not require you to manually replace the links for the videos that are to be displayed.

Just simply change the YouTube ID in the URL, put the block into one of your pages, and your all set!

Click here for a demo!

Click here to download this file

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Yes, it works for 3.3. Other than that one user, no one else has had any issues with it.

I'm assuming by XY you are referring to any amount of videos? If so, then yes, you set the amount you want in the settings for the block.

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I use this hook on my board, dark skin and you have to make some modification about that, please visit http://www.indungi.ro take a look at:

  • Views statistics (black font)
  • Rating stars are bad quality on dark skins
  • Ratings (black font)

My request for dark skins:
  • Views statstics add white font
  • Replace rating stars for dark skins so dark background
  • Radiongs add white font

Thank you, i tried to edit myself but this is right from rss.
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