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Suggestion: SHOW Comment Box When Not Logged In


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It's been really difficuly community building the last two years - almost everyone hates having accounts and passwords all over the place - Facebook/Twitter/OpenID integration was a good first step, now -

Please show the Comment Box when not Logged In.

When someone clicks post it can ask them "Post with Twitter", "Post with Facebook", "Post with OpenID", "Post with Account" similar to DISQUS.

Once people have invested time in writing a comment on something that matters they're more likely to create an account but not vica-versa. It'd would feel more "Open to all" having the comment box show even if it requires registration / facebook connect.

If this already exists - links please? - Also thanks to the dev who listend in the beta chat about adding a mini avatar next to posts so people think of their reputation before posting stupid crap.

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I don't know if I like this idea. While this is a good option, it's not beneficial to a lot of websites because I have seen how this invites spammers, spambots and troublemakers. It should be an option but it should NOT be enabled by default. This should be an option where the admin of a forum can turn it on through the admin control panel.

This should be like OpenID, Facebook Login and Twitter Login where the admin has to configure it through the ACP before it's enabled.

I'm not totally against it, and there may be a lot of communities would would like it, it just should be an option that should be enabled fi the admin of a community wants it.

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