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ip.download works with IP.content?

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As they are both made by IPS, How hard would it be to say view files per usergroup permissions? have a Upload button(linked to IP.content not upload from the Ip.content)

Am making a backend site using IPB forum / IP.Content but Am in need for a file system that's simple so they can download & upload files within permission

eg :
GroupAdmin - Can View/download/edit/upload to ALL areas
GroupUnit 1 - Can only View / Download/upload unit1 files
Groupunit 2 - Can only view / download/upload Unit2 files

GroupAdmin - Can View ALL areas
GroupUnit 1 - Can only View / Download unit1 files
Groupunit 2 - Can only view / download Unit2 files

Also So once they upload it They Can't Edit or Delete?

If this is simple ill buy now

Many Thanks


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I believe everything you're after is possible, however your explanation confuses me a little bit.

Firstly, IP.Content and IP.Downloads are two separate applications, so you cannot control who can download/view files in IP.Downloads from within IP.Content.

You can control (within IP.Downloads) which permission masks can upload and download files (amongst other things, such as edit and delete) on a per-category basis.
You can control (within IP.Content) which permission masks can access various areas of IP.Content (e.g. a database, or a category within a database). You can control which individual groups can access a given page as well.

So your IP.Downloads configuration should be no problem. I'm not entirely clear on what you would do from within IP.Content specifically, however.

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