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File Name: Scroll To Top

File Submitter: CodingJungle

File Submitted: 03 Mar 2012

File Category: Look and Feel

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

Replaces the standard "jump" to top button in the footer, with a smooth scrolling up animation. Uses native prototype javascript framework. Works with all skins that have a bottom button and anchor point the same as IPB's default skin (which from my testing a majority of them will).

This Hook overrides the native "jump Javascript" that IPB uses by default.

I have only Tested this on IPB 3.2 and The latest IPB 3.2.3, It might work on prior editions, but I do not have access to those to test this Hook out on.

I have tested this on IPB 3.3/3.3.1/3.3.2/3.3.3 and it works, no update needed.

have tested with 3.4, works, no updated needed.

Thank You for downloading!


like my other free products, this is released under the DBAD license.


any one can use this, modify it, use it in their own projects. the license covers expectations and rights


here to download this file

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its the little arrow at the bottom of the page, you click it, and it will smooth scroll up instead of just jumping to the top of the page. only works on pages that have scroll bars, if its why the demo is set to "members", cause at the time of development, i didn't have much content (still do not), and it was long enough to show off what it does.
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