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Why can't non-Super Mods use the Moderator CP to see/restore soft deleted/hidden posts?


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What I want to do is simple:

1. I want my moderators to be able to see and restore hidden/soft-deleted posts from the Moderator CP.
2. I want to disallow my moderators to hard-delete.

After much back and forth with IPB support I was told that currently, the software does not allow you to do #1 and #2 at the same time. This is because, for some reason, only moderators which are allowed to hard-delete can also see soft-deleted posts in the Moderator CP. And after asking, I was told that only these moderators would be able to see hidden posts in the Moderator CP in IPB 3.3.

I do not understand why this is so. It seems that this can be fixed with a simple permission change.

P.S.: Yes, I understand that in IPB 3.2, even moderators without permission to hard-delete can see unapproved posts in the Moderator CP. But I prefer how soft-deleted posts work inside of the topic, hiding the post for mods instead of just changing its color, and also providing a reason for why the post was removed.

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