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Download: Dark Knight [3.2.x]

Connor T

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File Name: Dark Knight [3.2.x]
File Submitter: Connor T
File Submitted: 27 Feb 2012
File Category: Dark Skins

Dark Knight v3.0

A nice little upgrade of my original Dark Knight skin. This is what I'd like to call a stock theme. There is no massive template changes, its just color changes. I went for a dark appeal using about 4 colors for the entire design.

I'm aware that 3.3 is around the corner. This skin will be upgraded for free to that version, and 3.4 etc depending if its a major skin rewrite or not.

You may demo the skin at

user: darkknight

pass: test

You may remove the "Skin by Connor" in the footer. I just leave it there for portfolio links. I'm aware those links upset some people, so it doesn't bother me if you remove it. Its located in globalTemplate.

Connor T (iBotPeaches)

Click here to download this file
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