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IPB possibilities as a Webinar listing portal

Saferpak 1

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I have a website running IPB. My website is quite niche and I have quite a few large businesses who are starting to promote their webinars in the newsletters I send out each week.

I was thinking if I had an area on my website where businesses could:

- List their webinars (title, date / time, presenter, webinar details, contact information, contact form, web link, Upload pdf flyer, images)
- Pay for the listing

The webinar portal would include:

- Categories
- Latest webinar posted
- List of upcoming webinars by category, date, business etc.
- Searchable

I use downloads for files and links directory and nexus for selling membership packages. However, none of these seem liek they coudl handle the above.

Anyone done similar - any ideas how to achieve this?

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Yes, IP.Content would be perfect here.

Have a subscription package in Nexus where people who pay are moved to another group (or a secondary group added). This group (and mods/admins) are the only ones who can add to a new 'Webinars' database you create in IP.Content. Then you can easily make feed blocks from this database and do anything else you need to do with it.

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I would want the member to pay for each listing individually or based on price break discounts. The other small matter is I would need somebody to take this on as a custom job...that's always the problem.

I've been looking at some fully featured website events calendars, is there any way IPB content get anywhere near??? http://university.trumba.com/online_calendars/alumni_detail_list.aspx

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