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I've run IP Board for 4 months now. I picked IP Board because of it's additional features and clean & professional look. It was the right choice. However, to this day I'm finding little features that I didn't know existed. I highly doubt my members would know: 1) there was even an option or 2) how to use them.

So, my suggestion is to have a link called "Features" on each page near the title. This could be a button or whatever.
This would be controlled in the ACP to: Enable/Diable, Whitelist Pages, Blacklist pages.
Members would ultimately have control in the UCP to show the "Features" button.

When admin enables it and member turns it on, it would provide as a quick cheat sheet to the options/features on the page.
When clicked it would open up similar to a light box with a few screen shots.

Just a thought.

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