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Download: Inline Image Uploader for IP.Board 3.x


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File Name: Inline Image Uploader for IP.Board 3.x
File Submitter: Aoyagi Ritsuka
File Submitted: 20 Feb 2012
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

External image uploader for CKEDitor in IPB 3.x.

Extends IP.Board 3.x visual editor by adding additional "upload" tab to "Image" dialogue. Images are being uploaded and inserted into posts as "img" tag with direct link to uploaded image file. No access control, simple limitations. Perfrect solution for uploading inline illustrations.

Check readme.txt for installation instructions.

Not a modificatoin, cause no file edits are needed, but a more functional replacemend for "image" CKEditor's plugin. Can easily be reverted back by uploading original one from distributive.

Click here to download this file

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This doesn't work for 3.2.3? I press upload and browse the image, then click on Send to server and nothing happen?

I agree, not working for 3.2.3.

I do have a 3.3.0 Alpha 1 demo server and it works fine on that.

Anything we need to do to get it working on 3.2.3?

P.S: Nice hook by the way :laugh: All the other upload hooks dont work well with our server theme, but this one does. Nice job! %7Boption%7D
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The issue with this modification is a few things.

First look at your error log for Apache, if you see the following error:

client denied by server configuration: /home/<user>/public_html/uploads/inline/upload.php[/CODE]

Then you have no execute access to the file (upload.php), this may have been caused by several different server security configurations, it also may have happened by the following. If you have been in the security center in the ACP and have clicked "IP.Board PHP/CGI .htaccess Protection" this will add a .htaccess file in the following folders:

[CODE] Written .htaccess to /cache/... Written .htaccess to /public/style_captcha... Written .htaccess to /public/style_css... Written .htaccess to /public/style_emoticons... Written .htaccess to /public/style_extra... Written .htaccess to /public/style_images... Written .htaccess to /hooks... Written .htaccess to /uploads..

After it has written the .htaccess file, it will restrict the "/uploads/inline/upload.php" file from executing.

A) To get this file to execute (and therefore getting this mod to work), delete the .htaccess file from the uploads folder.

I hope this helps the rest of the community.

EDIT: I truly apologize to the developer for the comments I made in this post :logik: - It is in the readme file to check permissions, which is not exactly black and white.

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I still have same problem, after trying your suggestion of deleting the .htaccess file (from cache and uploads).

Checked my root .htaccess and nothing in there that should be causing problems either.

I also check php.ini and tried a bare-bones version without any functions disabled.

Looking through the source code after the failed upload, this is what it shows.
An Error Has Occured:
[#10CCS2] We could not find the page you were looking for.

To quote bfarber "Basically it means the page requested could not be found".

This mod DOES work on another hosting server I use (for testing) but it is a basic IPS install, so I'm not sure if it's my hosting configuration or some setting I've changed in IPS, or that this mod only works in particular configurations.

Further investigation, a more detailed error:

http://www.mydomain.com/uploads/inline/upload.php?instance=editor_4f56cf8f3458f (replaced my site URL with mydomain.com obviously)

So, at a guess, I have some server restrictions that doesn't allow random strings in URL, or a mod_rewrite messing things up maybe? I have a very similar setup on my other server though.

P.S: Going into ACP > Security Center and running the PHP/CGI protection, which created the .htacess did indeed stop this mod working on my other server. Deleting just the .htaccess file from uploads fixed it. So my problem (possibly same with Kandice) is not caused by the Security Center generated .htaccess files.

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CPanel > Logs > Error Log:

[Wed Mar 07 16:26:41 2012] [error] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:256: File "/home/censored/public_html/uploads/inline/upload.php" is writeable by group

[Wed Mar 07 14:17:19 2012] [error] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:256: File "/home/censored/public_html/uploads/inline/upload.php" is writeable by group, referer: http://www.mydomain.com/uploads/inline/upload.php?instance=editor_4f56ca8cd1d69

YAY! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. CHMOD'ed my upload.php file, and then the Uploads folder to 755 instead of 777 and this mod now works!

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