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IP.Mobile - a necessary evil


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I'd like to say straight from the start, I'm 95% satisfied with IPB experience, success of my community & direction IPB has taken there product.

I would like to take a moment to .say my experience within the mobile aspects of the software have been not so well. On my community I o had a few issues staying in mobile template mode even for simple browsing and viewing my content. There seems to be a user experience issue between the add-ons (up.content, ip.nexus and so on). The mobile landing could use tabs or swipe left right for add-on landings and possibly up down swiped for sub-options of that particular add-on. I haven't attempted to even venture into the app arena but would like to as soon as its available.

I'd like to suggest IPB consider an incentive program to intice mobile developers to help focus in this arena. It's the future & IPB could stand to gain a lot by addressing and excelling in the mobile arena. Consider a rewards program (points & credits) towards purchases & renewals on IPB products for anyone who develops & submits mobile apps, add-ons & the like.

This post wasn't intended to ruffled feathers, just me being.....me
Thanks for the 8 years of entertainment, innovation & commitment in what drives my online experience


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I have app for my Droid thats one of my favorites. To me it offers a good example of what I would be a good framework on a mobile experience. It's called MMA JUNKIE & produced by Handmark. The tabs up top could be the IPB applications (content, nexus, gallery.....) .

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