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The "single update" page for status updates should have better SEO


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I'm talking about these pages: http://community.invisionpower.com/statuses/id/23803/

I think both the URL and page title should contain a truncated version (maybe the first 5 words or so?) of the status. For example, the title should be "How do I fix the date... - Invision Power Services" instead of "Status Updates - Invision Power Services". The URL should be http://community.invisionpower.com/statuses/id/23803-how-do-I-fix-the-date/

There are probably other things that can be done that I'm not aware of...

Will something like this be done in a future version? :)

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I don't disagree but I'm not sure how important user statuses are to the overall "SEO" of a site. Typically, you want search engines to focus on the real meat such as topics and posts.

Posts and topics are more important, yeah. But having the statuses appear more in search results couldn't hurt, right? I mean, for a site with 1000s of statuses, there must be some good stuff in there that the search engines are potentially not paying enough attention to. I personally think that, overall, it would be beneficial for a website to have good SEO on the statuses pages. Even outside of the SEO issue, having a friendly title and URL is more aesthetically pleasing to the user.
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