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Just a word of thanks to the Invision Power Staff...


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Too frequently it seems that we consumers tend only to reach out to retailers, vendors, manufactuers, etc. when something goes wrong and we need support. That's not a dig aimed at us as a whole, but rather an observation that life moves so quickly these days that I for one often forget or neglect to stop and say something positive when people deliver good service.

Just yesterday I completed the conversion to IPBoard of a moderately sized vBulletin 4.x forum with over 14,000 members and close to 1M posts. Overall the process went quite smoothly but not for lack of hard work and planning during the past few weeks leading up to it. Along the way there were several snags and gotchas that needed to be overcome and Jason Hanna and Ryan Ashbrook and I'm sure other members of the IP team that I'm forgetting really went out of their way to help answer my questions quickly, frequently even on a Saturday or a Sunday and often late into the evening.

Were it not for the help these folks gave both during my test conversions and during the actual conversion process itself yesterday, my transition to IPBoard would have been frustrating for both me and my community's members. Their assistance and patience with me made it a resounding success.

So my hat is off to you guys at Invision Power. Thank you for your help!


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