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Standardize mail notification


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I suggest that you standardize mail notification. It is very inconsistent now.

1. Sometimes we have "Hello, Membername", sometimes "Hello" and no variable for member name.
2. Board link (if passed) is http://mypage.com/index.php Get rid of index.php
3. Sometimes we have unsubsribe link and sometimes no.
4. In one mail there is a signature like "Your board name" in other board name varialble is missed
and so on...

I would like to have some rules like:
1. Always pass the name of the recepient in the message body.
2. Always pass the board link (without index.php) to the message body
3. Always pass board name to the message body.
4. Add a setting to the ACP, where we can create standard signature for the mails that is always appended.
5. Always append unsubscribe link to the mails.
6. Add a setting to the ACP, where we can create standard greeting like Hello <MemberName> or Hi <MemberName> or something else.

It would make this mail notification chaos a bit smarter.

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